About Us

Photo by Hope + Salt

Why not support real people, their families, and the local economy?

Established in 2016, Lex & Lennon is based out of Burlington, Ontario and run by a mom of two. It grew out of a love for gifting and a desire to bring back the 'art' of gift giving. We want to promote a shift away from current gift giving norms where it is too often is more of an obligation and filled with highly commercialized products.

There is an abundance of local makers with enormous talent and an amazing passion for what they do. Why not support 'real people', their families, and the local economy?

It is so wonderful to receive a gift knowing there was some forethought about it. Sadly, our lives are so busy that gift giving tends to take a backseat...and it shows. Let us take away the stress of searching for a beautiful gift and help save you time.  

Simplifying gift giving. Showcasing beautiful goods by Canadian makers. Helping you bring back the art of gifting. 


(Photo by Hope + Salt)